Tracking Your Clients' Personal Fitness Training

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Hi Fitness Trainers. 

Tracking client's info is one of the BEST ways to keep your clients motivated, happy, and reaching for their wallet!

Here are the key things to track and why:

1- Body measurements - Yes, they may squirm when you first take them (you may feel uncomfortable too, but get over it, they will sense you discomfort and feel ashamed). Our job is to hold the mirror of truth up to them, so they can get a good look, and help them make a change for the better. They will be motivated when they first come in, but that motivation will die if they don't see some results pretty fast. Tracking their body measurements will show them they have moved in the right direction (it is hard for them to notice in the beginning), which will keep them motivated.

Potential Pitfall: while body fat is more important than weight to keep track of, most body fat devices have a huge margin of error, and on top of that, human error if you are using a caliper. Instead, keep track of circumference measurements (a smaller margin of error, you have to take it from the same spot each time) by measuring their body parts, which will prove to them they are moving in the right direction, regardless of what the scale says.

2- Workout/Program Tracking- this is critical for creating a continuous cycle of results! This will make sure the workouts are always fresh, shows the client that you care about them, and think about them when you are not together (they will want to reciprocate and make you proud), and it helps you design programs that avoid plateaus, decreases risk of injury, and keep things interesting.

Potential Pitfall: don't get stuck in a rut with the same workout over and over again, and keep all your info organized and safe, all medical information you know about your clients must be kept confidential, so losing your binder or sheets is a big no no! Also, stay focused on the client, not staring at or searching for your binder!

Sneaky Tool: not only should you keep track of their workouts with you, but getting them to report back about their solo workouts is critical to helping them become empowered and self-accountable. Many trainers worry that if they create a program, and encourage the client to workout on their own, the client will drop them. It is the opposite! They will get better results, have you to thank for it, and want to come back for more. Empowering them and giving them the ability to workout is the most valuable thing you can provide them.


Remember, no matter how good the program you give them, they will get used to it and need a new program/stimulus to keep their body moving in the right direction. In addition, remember the brain, while only 2 % of the body's mass, uses up 20% of the energy consumed.


Many of our clients go on auto pilot when they come in to train with us, they have had a long day of work and don't want to think. But getting them to think, will not only burn more calories, it will make sure they remember what they learn, so they can do it on their own (and by tracking their solo workouts, you force them to use that info on their own, so they will actually remember it! I have been using Google documents spreadsheet to keep track of my clients workouts, a super powerful but easy way to make sure they are committed!

3- Goal Tracking- critical! If you don't define the goal, how will you know when you have achieved it. The more specific the goal, the clearer it will be in the clients mind, and the easier it will be for them to reach it. As they train with you, their goals will evolve.

Of course, there are other tools and applications out there you can use to help track your clients! These will get you started and help you make empowerment (and success) a cornerstone of your business! One of the keys to success is leverage over the awesome tools that are already out there and creating your own system.

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